2017 Sony World Photography Amazing Photos.

Sony announces the shortlist of the best photos competing in the biggest photography contest in the world. these include best shots not only by professionals but by amateur photographers as well.The winning images are taken from a record-breaking 230,103 images which were entered into the awards’ Professional, Open, Youth and National Award competitions from over 180 countries

More info: Sony World Photography Awards

Barry Tweed-Rycroft, United Kingdom (Open Competition, Architecture)

Rob Wilson, Canada (Open Competition, Travel)

Masayasu Sakuma, Japan (Open Competition, Nature)

Andreas Hemb, Sweden (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Francesco Russo, Italy (Open Competition, Nature)

Christian Vizl, Mexico (Professional, Natural World)

Zhu Jianxing, China (Open Competition, Travel)

Luo Pin Xi, China (Professional, Sport)

Meniconzi Alessandra, Switzerland (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Lars Sivars, Sweden (Open Competition, Architecture)

Eugene Kitsios, Netherelands (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Nigel Hodson, United Kingdom (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Dina Alfasi, Israel (Open Competition, Street Photography)

Maximilian Conrad, Germany (Open Competition, Nature)

Alexander Vinogradov, Russia (open Competition, Portraits)

Eugene Kitsios, Netherlands (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Stacy Anguiano Cain, United States (Open Competition, Motion)

By Ami Vitale, United States (Natural World, Professional)

Tom Jacobi, Germany (Professional, Landscape)

Fan Chen, China (Open Competition, Wildlife)

Sorin Rechitan, Romania (Open Competition, Nature)

Achim Thomae, Germany (Open Competition, Travel)

George Mayer, Russia (Professional, Portraiture)

Oktay Subasi, Turkey (Open Competition, Motion)

Pier Mane, Italy (Open Competition, Culture)

Lester Koh Meng Hua, Singapore (Open Competition, Architecture)

Jianguo Gong, China (Open Competition, Culture)

Luo Pin Xi, China, (Professional, Sport)

Gül Yıldız, Turkey (Open Competition, Motion)


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