5 Ways To Make Your Brain Happier

By Drew


1. Rigorous physical exercise

Challenging exercise changes the overall structure of your brain. Not only does it change the overall structure for the better, it increases the baseline level of helpful neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin. It also causes the brain to release natural opiates. When your body is exercised, your brain benefits.

Exercise alone causes I.Q. increases. Contrary to popular belief, more natural geniuses engage in highly physical activity like rugby and football than non-geniuses. They are also more likely to exercise on a daily basis. Exercise increases the amount of oxygen in the brain and blood to the brain! It also simulates “neurogenesis” – a process of the brain which produces new neurons a.k.a. new brain cells.

By exercising, you are making your brain happier via the production of helpful neurotransmitters and hormones like endorphins, which ward off depression. If you aren’t already exercising, I recommend it – it will make your life better and brain happier. Lace up those running shoes and hit the treadmill!

2. Get proper sleep

Do you even realize what proper sleep can do for you? Proper sleep, and by that I mean at least 8 hours of “quality sleep,” causes the brain to recycle troubling thoughts and spark solutions to difficult problems. Deep sleep in the delta brainwave range causes Human Growth Hormone to be released as well as other anti-aging hormones.

Make sure you block out at least 8 hours a night and take whatever steps you feel are necessary to get that high-quality, deep sleep. If you need to get that Craftmatic adjustable or new Tempur-pedic to get “proper sleep,” then by all means, do it. You could be doing your brain a world of good.

3. Eat healthy foods

By eating fruits and vegetables, you are actually giving your brain more energy and more vital nutrients to work with than eating a double McThickBurger. Eating a double McThickBurger will give your brain and body some energy, but a very little amount. You don’t want to eat foods that take away more energy than your body produces (i.e. Chocolate Cake).

If you eat “lifeless” food, your brain will lack electrical activity and be “lifeless.” If you eat plentiful food that is full of vital nutrients, your brain will be “full of life.” For example: A chocolate cake contains 1-3 Mega Hz of electrical charges, while a big mac has 5 mega Hz of energy.

You need at least 72 to 78 mega Hz of food to meet your brains electrical requirements. So do the math: are you getting enough energy from the foods you eat? Green vegetables provide 70 to 90 mega Hz. Other foods high in energy are fruits, beans, raw almonds, and legumes. Start eating energizing foods & your brain will reward you immensely.

4. Be with your true friends

Being around others is proven to make a people happier for the long term. Being with friends gives you someone to share memories with and experience good times with. Life is generally more fun when you are with others and have someone to love, talk to, and even challenge to a stimulating debate.

Friends can help guide your life in the right direction. If you don’t already have some good, true friends, I suggest that you make some quickly because “true” friends are always around for moral and emotional support through the toughest of times. By being around others, your brain will reward you by creating happier emotions and will allow you to develop empathy — a great quality which allows you to understand & literally “feel” other’s emotions.

5. Live your purpose

By finding your purpose and living your purpose, you will be able to feel truly fulfilled in life. There isn’t really any feeling that can take the place of fulfillment. You will know when you feel fulfilled because your entire being will resonate with joy, power, and motivation.

Everyone has their own unique life-purpose and there are many ways to find it. If you do not yet know your life purpose, you can try this exercise to find your life purpose in about 20 minutes. Living your purpose keeps you happy, focused, and truly “living for the moment.” Your brain will reward you for being fulfilled by releasing joyful emotions and keeping you in an empowered state of mind!

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Awakeningpost blogs about self improvement and focuses on personal productivity, motivation and self-education.We are to inspire daily and spread knowledge and love positivity all around the world.

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  1. Awakeningpost blogs about self improvement and focuses on personal productivity, motivation and self-education.We are to inspire daily and spread knowledge and love positivity all around the world.

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