Alan Watts –The Real You.

“It’s absolutely necessary that we let go of ourselves, and it can’t be done, not by anything that we call ‘doing it’ — acting, willing, or even just accepting things. . . . When you look out of your eyes at nature happening ‘out there,’ you’re looking at you. That’s the real you, the you that goes on of itself. . . . You’re breathing. The wind is blowing. The trees are waving. Your nerves are tingling.” — Alan Watts

Who are you? Yes, you! You are a fantastically complex human being; you are the universe at work. You never had any lessons on how to breathe or beat your heart yet you do, what you do is what the whole universe is doing in what you call the here and now. You are something the whole universe is doing, in the same way, a wave is something the whole ocean is doing. An amazing lecture by Alan Watts a British philosopher, writer, and speaker. One of my all time favorite go-to videos when I need a pick me up. Do you ever contemplate your existence, life and death?

This is an amazing lecture given by Alan Watts a British philosopher, writer, and speaker.

Video source :Tragedy & Hope

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