How To Make Yourself A Better Person -Alan Watts

“Human beings are largely engaged in wasting enormous amounts of psychic energy in attempting to do things that are quite impossible… All sensible people therefore begin, in life with two fundamental presuppositions. You are not going to improve the world, and you are not going to improve yourself. You are, just what you are. And once you have accepted that situation, you have an enormous amount of energy available to do things that can be done. And everybody else looking at you from an external point of view will say, “My god, how much so-and-so has improved!” – Alan Watts

Here is a brilliant video from Alan Watts where he talks about why the concept of self-improvement is a futile undertaking.In this video Watts shares some of his wisdom on how you can improve yourself, make yourself a better person and create lasting change.

video credit :- AJ Fortuna


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