Illustration Comic Shows How Our Blind Pursuits Prevent Us From Enjoying Life

“You Were Born With Wings.Don’t Crawl Learn To Use Them To Fly And Fly.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

People are addicted to pursue more and more wealth, While we blindly follow what’s expected from us, we forget living with happiness, see the world around us, just enjoy the moment and be grateful for life.Realize that now, in this moment you have more than enough. It’s okay to have dreams, it’s okay to aspire to grow, to learn, to evolve and to achieve big things but it’s also important to celebrate yourself, to celebrate your accomplishments, to celebrate the present moment and to celebrate your life. With gratitude comes happiness and with happiness comes more gratitude.

This powerful short comic by Zen Pencils illustrates the words of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who inspires us to take the risk, ignore pressures from the outside and to live life exactly the way we want to.

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Life's Pursuit

Life Pursuit


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