In An Award-Winning Pixar-Like Short Film Showing How Modern Society Kills Our Creativity..

When it comes to our modern day society, there is no doubt that we are being told how to live and what our lives are supposed to look like. When we are born we have our parents imposing their ideas and beliefs onto us about what is right and what is wrong and then from there we are usually enrolled into the public school system. Here is where a lot of our natural, inherent creative abilities unfortunately come to die.

This animated short film called “Alike”, by Madrid-based animators Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez, talks about how the society we live in kills creativity and only tries to mold us into this one, always perfectly functioning form. It’s also about parenthood and how important it is to let kids go into their own individual directions without taking away their vivid imagination.

Video credit: Pepe School Land |

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