Mind-Blowing Pencil Drawings of Monika Sutkute.

Monika Sutkute, originally Lithuanian, She is an illustrator based in London and graduate of Chelsea College of Art & Design, the University of the Arts where studied BA Spatial & Interior Design.

She say that Drawing has always been my own method of meditation. Through drawing I escape my thoughts, daily problems and fall into my own place of stillness freedom where time and all the outer issues disappear.I like to create delicate and slightly shy pencil and pen works with a touch of realism which highlights the fragility of subject drawn. My goal in drawing is detailing into perfection and finding emotional connection between drawing subject and the viewer. For me it is extremely important for a drawing to visually speak for itself and capture the beauty of stillness. 

She say that I love to draw and I wish to establish myself as a full-time artist. I have quitted my full-time responsible job to do what I truly love and yet have no regrets about it- just hope that people appreciate my works and give a little hope to never come back to a boring job ever again!

By​ Monika Sutkutė

pencil art

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